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relexa cooking

Welcome to the relexa cooking studios

relexa cooking - this is your chance to cook together with your friends, family or colleagues under professional guidance. The relexa chefs can make almost everything possible with your teams - from baking cookies with clients to show cooking for your desired audience. Experience a very special cooking class with friends, colleagues or family.

relexa cooking – where do you cook?

In Stuttgart you will be able to cook in the large hotel kitchen and dine as well as celebrate in a hotel elegant restaurant.

relexa cooking – the process

To start of the relexa cooking, the teams will be introduced, we discuss the menu and give you a little food knowledge. Then we put on our aprons and the fun starts. The grand final, just as enjoyable as cooking, is enjoying the cooked food together with the others and  try out the recommended corresponding beverages.

relexa cooking – plan and book

Simply call us. You tell us your wishes, planes and ideas as well as when you would like to book the date and we make you an individual offer.

relexa cooking as a gift voucher?

A voucher for a cooking class or simply cooking together in friendly company fits many occasions and is an ideal gift. We would be happy to tell you about it and if you wish, we can send the voucher to you.