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The relexa quality policy

Here you can read about our relexa quality policy. It includes thirteen different points, which all ten relexa hotels adhere to in order to ensure a consistent quality standard.

1st Reliability, competence and fairness characterises us as a partner. This means that:

  • We answer customer inquiries within 24 hours (excluding weekends)
  • We fulfil our contract and fully comply in all statements
  • We consider requests for contract changes within our service range

2nd We always offer our guests attentive, friendly and helpful service. This means that:

  • We pass on information and messages without being asked and act on them immediately
  • We are committed to our guests
  • We endeavour to use our guest's names once known and establish a personal contact
  • We offer active additional services

3rd We offer 4-star independent hotels, which are of high standard in presentation and fittings. The relexa quality means that our guests will find a clean and tidy hotel complex such as; hotel rooms, restaurants, public areas, meeting and events and fitness facilities, with all technical equipment working in all areas.

4th We are a motivated, friendly and helpful team, which is characterised by respectful and cooperative relationships. We provide training and promote the development of our employees.

5th Our value for money concept reflects quality and market requirements. This means that:

  • Our prices are transparent to guests
  • Our service contents are described in detail.

6th Our main source of advertising are satisfied guest. We have

  • A high percentage of repeat guests and regular customers (including business and LCR - customers)
  • A high proportion of recommendations.

7th By dealing openly with our accountancy, we enable our employees to think and act in line with the business needs.

8th Complaints are dealt with promptly and confidentially and are handled subject to a fair and clear line towards our guests and staff. We analyse errors or short comings and by introducing suitable measures, we ensure that the same does not occur again.

9th We encourage creativity, open views and commitment of all our employees and use the resulting ideas for the development of the company.

10th In the selection of our goods (in terms of products and services) that we buy, quality is paramount. We choose our suppliers carefully, and ask them for continuous quality. We strive for long-term, trusting relationship and maintain them.

11th We treat products and items provided or brought in by the customer with great care.

12th We promote our environmental awareness, use resources and energy effectively and  review the environmental impact of our actions.

13th We are committed to implement the quality policy and quality objectives at all levels of the organisation. We will develop a quality management system, implement it and audit it periodically for its effectiveness.